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"Shih Poos...simply adorable"

~Pansy and Chester's litter of Spring 2008~

Scroll waaaaaay down for pictures of my adult shihpoos

CLICK HERE to go to our Blog and see pictures of our puppies. Due to limited space here on this website, our blog will be the place to view litters.  Updates will be posted there as well.


Thankfully, here at Squaw Creek ShihPoo, most of our litters are spoken for before they are even born! How neat is that?

Give me a call, drop an email, ask me your questions. I love to talk about my dogs. We work off a *waiting list*, which means you would call me and be placed, in order, on this list. No money is collected until you have picked out the exact perfect puppy for you, only then would you place a $200 deposit on this pup($50 is non-refundable).

ABOUT FEMALES VS MALES - My thoughts are....Females are always in higher demand than males. I encourage you, if you are set on a little female, at least do a little research about males? I, personally, prefer a male companion dog to a female. A common misconception is that male dogs are harder to potty train and *mark* territory. That is NOT(entirely) true. Where sexually mature dogs will mark your wheels, plants and possibly be harder to potty train, if you neuter them BEFORE they are sexually mature, prior to 7 months of age, they will squat and piddle like a female for their life and rarely(I say never) piddle *on* something.  They potty train *better* than females.

Please contact me, Jennifer, if you'd like to be placed on our waiting list. 

Squaw Creek ShihPoo
Lynden, Wa
(360) 354-1477


Our pups are well socialized with children and adults, big dogs and little dogs.

Notice the 2lb puppy's pink tongue kissing the 65lb labradors nose. Case in point. They are well socialized with big dogs.

We start them out right, it is up to you to carry that on...



"What in the world does a
ShihPoo(or PooTzu) look like?"

These guys have poodle written all over them with perky ears, long snouts and wavy or kinky hair(not tight curls), yet they have the distinct Shih Tzu curled-over-the-back tail. These dogs turn heads with their looong eyelashes and one-of-a-kind good ooks. Not the look of a mut, but rather a beautiful mixture of the two best purebreeds you can find. Socialized with kind loving children, clean, tip-top health and guaranteed in writing by us for your peace of heart. Read more here on this designer hybrid.

I found it very hard to find pictures of Shih Poos when we were asked to start breeding these little guys. I thought I would compile a few pictures we have received from families that have purchased puppies from us.
 These are some of our Shih Poo babies in various stages of life!

These are the Shih Poos from Pansys first litter.
This is also the same litter my daughter is holding in her lap on my homepage.

Amethyst                                                      Suki

Kona                                                      Amethyst
Bunty                                                    Kona

Lizzie - She was born solid dark brown ;)

Teak sporting a new clip!

Pauline - "Hi Jennifer! Well I took little Amethyst to the vet today. He said she looked healthy and acted healthy. Both the vet and
the receptionist said they were very impressed that you didn't give them their shots too soon (some give them at 5 weeks) and that you started worming them right away and kept up with it. She was the hit of the office of course..."

Michelle - "Yes, everyone who sees my Suki says she is adorable. Here are the current stats: At 5 months she weighs 5.6 lbs.  She
definitely has poodle legs, and her snout is a bit longer and more narrow than a ShihTzu which really helps avoid the breathing problems according to my well as her eyes are not bulging, just large and distinctive.  Her coat is silky soft and can you believe that apricot color!  She seldom barks, only when she feels that someone is coming toward me...she is quite protective.  She is very social....loves other dogs and people.  She is quite calm with me alone, but when my son and grandson come by, she goes a bit berserk...she loves to run and jump and play ball with them.  She is a little smarty and is quite independent.  I am so pleased with her!" 

"Tell the children that they do a marvelous job socializing the puppies and that this adopted baby is well and happy and spoiled of course."

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