Our puppies are raised with the Puppy Culture

Washington's Best ShihTzu x Poodle Puppies
 Due to limited space on our website, visit our blog for pictures and up to date information. 


Welcome! We a
re glad you stopped in, let us start with an introduction. We are an animal loving family living amongst the most beautiful farmland in the PNW. Our property surrounded by cranberry bogs, raspberries and blueberry fields. Dairy farms flourish on all sides. 

We are a family who have enjoyed raising these little creatures for over 13 yrs. Jennifer enjoys the multifaceted work and care of raising puppies, she has found it her *therapy* over the years of being a wife/homemaker and homeschooling nine children. You can rest assured you will receive a healthy, confident, loving puppy with no surprises. 

We have been slowly downsizing as life changes. We used to keep seven female dogs, now we only keep four.

Our spacious kennels house our four Shih Tzus girls - Willow, Buttercup, Lilac and Ivy. We have always loved this outgoing, hardy, robust cross and enjoyed their loyal companionship for years. They are wonderful with children, most all other dogs and best of all, they are NOT yippers. We do not care for the yippy breakable sorts :) We exist to bring you a sturdy, healthy  family dog living a life of longevity.

First, we want to provide you with a healthy, problem-free dog. Health is of utmost importance to us.

Secondly, we breed for personality, temperament and provide early quality socialization, and hands-on care which are major factors in how your dog grows and adapts to your family.

Our dogs are kept in our spacious, clean kennels. They each have an indoor room with food, fresh bedding(heated when the need arises) and a large outdoor run where they can sit and sprawl out in the sun. They are taken out for runs in our pasture when weather permits.

Being a native to the royal imperial palaces of China, these dogs do well with mild outdoor temperatures. However, they much prefer to be indoors at all times, pampered like royalty. That is, after all, what they REALLY are...

Our careful breeding and management produces healthy, well adjusted puppies. However, we offer a 7 day 100% money back written health warranty on each of our puppies to ensure their new owner knows how serious we are about standing behind our breeding.

Ready for a little happiness to come into your home?

Contact Jennifer ~ (360) 354-1477 ~ SquawCreekShihPoo@gmail.com

Jarski's Chief Paw-hatan, a.k.a. Peanut. Weighing in at 7lbs, Peanut will be Squaw Creek ShihPoo's primary stud 20

Chief Paw-Hatan(Peanut)...is the sweetest little brown/white parti toy poodle and fits our breeding program to the "T". His AKC pedigree is full of parti's and solid creams. Peanut has a gentle, happy-go-lucky personality. He is calm for a poodle, good with the children, sweet with the ladies and an all around great companion dog. We chose him carefully for temperment and sound health to be carried through to his progeny

What does an adult ShihPoo look like? Please visit the bottom of our *Nursery* page for pictures.


Thank you
for your interest in
our home-grown puppies ;)

Our daughter with a litter of 5 Shih Poos in her lap...one happy little girl!

 Thank you for inquiring about our puppies ~ If there is anything you need, call or email us. Our puppies receive the best of preventative puppy care before they go to their new homes. Area vets have been quick to compliment the health of our puppies.

360-354-1477 ~Jennifer~

email us at ~ SquawCreekShihPoo@Gmail.com

 You are welcome to visit our home and interact with our pups to see if
they are right for you, no pressure to buy.

Read  below, ask questions, Get informed before buying.
As you shop around, ask to see the kennels.

Why purchasing a puppy from our family is a great choice...

Our Puppies...

  • Have a 7 DAY 100% puppy back/money back written guarantee if puppy is deemed unhealthy in ANY WAY by your vet. Buy with confidence, have peace of mind.
  • Come with a portfolio containing a detailed health record for your vet & information to start your pup out right. This helps to make the transition from our home to yours an easy one.


  • Are fully weaned and sent home with a starter bag of puppy's food and a mama SCENTED blanket to help keep those familiar smells close for the first few days of adjustment.


  • They are socialized with respectful children, adults, dogs big and small. We get wonderful compliments on our family friendly dogs. They run to you, not away from you. It is up to you to continue that wonderful start.


  • Due to a recent increase in reactions, we will NOT give first shots. We will NOT immunize before 12 weeks of age, therefore this responsibility falls on you to carry out. Our puppies will arrive with robust, uncomprimised immune sustems. We recommend keeping your puppy away from dog parks, rest stops and other areas visited by many dogs that may increase rish of any disease. 


  • Are Worm-free! Wormed on strict schedule using Fenbendazole starting at 4 weeks of age. Worms in puppies can lead to more problems than just weight loss. Diarrhea, coughing, vomiting are common. Only healthy, round food filled bellies here!


  • ARE easily paper/puppy pad trained to keep those first messes where you'd like them.


  • Have had all dew claws removed. This prevents the dog from three things. 1. A forgotten ingrown dewclaw nail can grow in a tight circle and then penetrate the leg. 2. Having a now costly surgery later in life to have them removed. 3. Having the dog chew them off himself...yuck & infection. 


  • Mamma and Papa are owned and kept here with us! With noticed, both may be viewed when you come to visit/view puppies!



    • $50 is non-refundable.
    • $100 is non-refundable if reservation is cancelled AFTER puppy's 8 week birthdate or if you fail to pick up your puppy.   

    • BALANCE DUE IN CASH ON PICK-UP - NO CHECKS ACCEPTED. PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, WE WILL NOT TURN OVER YOUR PUPPY UNTIL PAYMENT IS MADE IN FULL. You are protected with a receipt and signed legal contract, we however, are not protected when taking a M.O. or check.


    • We expect prompt pick-up, however, we understand life happens. We can hold a reserved puppy up to 7 days past it's release date. After that, we do charge a low boarding fee of $7 per day.


    • As with most rules, there are exceptions. If you have a special circumstance, let us know and we will work with you! 


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